MRI Viva Questions (23/09/2004)

Kris Armoogum


[1]        What documentation would you consult regarding MRI safety? (NRPB, MHRA, BS EN 60601-2-33,

[2]        What are the main areas considered in MRI safety? (5 areas).

[3]        What is the SAR? What are its units?

[4]        What factors influence the SAR?

[5]        What is the limit for switching gradient fields?

[6]        What about safety regarding pregnant staff?

[7]        What would you advise to a female in the first trimester who presents with suspected disc compression?

[8]        Would you recommend a CT scan or MRI? What factors are considered?

[9]        What effects would a quench have on a patient left in the treatment room?

[10]    Regarding my musculoskeletal images what is a dual echo turbo spin echo sequence?

[11]    How would you achieve FatSat using a spin echo sequence?

[12]    What is STIR? How does it achieve fat suppression?

[13]    How would you select TR and TE to get T1, T2 and PDW?

[14]    What parameters would you measure during QA? (SNR, uniformity, linearity).

[15]    Which do you consider the most useful?

[16]    Define SNR.

[17]    How would you determine SNR from your QA images? (Use ROI, SNR = 0.655(S)/σ).

[18]    Why did you use one large ROI and not several small ones?

[19]    What did you measure during your GE Signa Acceptance Testing?

[20]    What instrument did you use to determine the 0.5mT isocontour? (Gauss Meter).

[21]    What is the basic principle behind a Gauss Meter? (Hall Effect).

[22]    Why are pacemakers a contraindication?




[23]    What legislation is in place regarding health and safety at work?

[24]    What about electrical safety?

[25]    What about using hazardous substances? (COSHH).