Radiotherapy III


[1]     What is contained in IRR99 and IRMER?

[2]     Where does the medical physicist fit in?

[3]     What is the difference between the Manchester and Paris dosimetry systems for intracavitary brachytherapy?

[4]     How are the Basal Dose Rates and Reference Dose Rates defined?

[5] Illustrate on a single plane interstitial implant the relative dose distribution obtained with the Paris system.

[6] On the same diagram, what volume would the Manchester system address?

[7] Define Air Kerma and Absorbed Dose. What are the units?

[8] What does ICRU Report 50 address? Use a diagram to illustrate the different volumes.

[9] What is the normalisation point?

[10] Where is the reference isodose defined? (10 cm deep)

[11] What is the Quality Index?

[12] How is it measured?

[13] How is this set-up different from measuring the HVL of a low kV beam? (Broad beam for QI, collimated for HVL).

[14] Explain your choice of beam arrangement for the bladder plan in your Portfolio?

[15] Why was a wedge necessary?

[16] Why did you use three fields?

[17] Why might growing a uniform CTV not be the best idea in some cases? (OARs, think about prostate plan).