Radiation Protection Viva Questions (23/09/2004, York)

Candidate: Kris Armoogum

Examiner: Ann Walker


[1]        What National Legislation is in place for radiation protection? (IRR99, IRMER, RSA93).

[2]        Which special designations are described in IRMER? (Referrer, Practitioner, Operator, Medical Physics Expert).

[3]        Where does the Medical Physicist fit into these?

[4]        What are the dose limits for public and staff under IRR99?

[5]        Where would you find classified workers?

[6]        Who are likely to be classified workers?

[7]        Are radiographers in your RT department classified?

[8]        Do patients have dose restrictions?

[9]        What values would you observe with respect to patient dose (DRL)?

[10]    Where do DRLs come from?

[11]    What devices are used for personal monitoring? (Film badges, electronic, finger stalls).

[12]    What are TLDs?

[13]    What sort of errors would you expect from them?

[14]    What about errors from a film badge? Which is greater?

[15]    What steps are involved in a Risk Assessment of any facility?

[16]    What comes out of a Risk Assessment? (Local Rules).

[17]    What should local rules contain?

[18]    Name a controlled area you worked in during training? (RT treatment room).

[19]    Regarding your room dose survey, what recommendations were made?

[20]    What other guidance notes are there pertaining to radiation protection? (NRPB, ICRU).